McLaren’s 911 Turbo fighter may be named the 500S, not P13

McLaren’s 911-fighting, entry-level supercar is still on the way, but it may not wear the P13 badge as once reported.

Winding Road is reporting that McLaren’s upcoming speedster will be dubbed the 500S, and will sit below the 650S to compete with the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo.

Given that the P1 and 650S share many of the same styling elements, it’s possible that the 500S will as well. The new car will share its carbon fiber central tub, dashboard, and some interior components with the 650S; however, no aesthetic details have been confirmed by the British automaker at this point.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has been quoted saying that the supercar will feature an “evolutionary” look, though, perhaps hinting that the 500S will stray farther away from the looks of the 650S and P1 than previously thought.

“Ferraris must look like Ferraris, and Porsches invariably look like Porsches, but there is no fixed formula for a McLaren,” he said.

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Power will come from the same M838T 3.8-liter V8 that moves the 650S and P1, however there will be no hybrid system (at least for now). The engine will also be detuned to around 500 horsepower. For reference, the P1 produces a combined 903 hp and the 650S makes 641 hp.

Coupe and spider versions of the 500S will land first, and as with most McLarens, a track-focused version will debut later, sometime in 2018.

The new car will round outs McLaren’s full line, which will include the 500S/P13, 650S, and P1. Its first iteration is expected to roll into showrooms in early summer 2015, for a starting price of around $180,000.