McLaren builds an inexplicably lighter weight MP4-12C to celebrate its 50th year

McLaren builds an inexplicably lighter weight MP4-12C to celebrate its 50th

With the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, you always get the feeling that designers hit the wall of physical limitations and then back off a bit for their production models, leaving some room for higher-end, lighter weight, special-edition performance models. With a smaller car firm like McLaren, though, we assumed it went all-in with all its cars.

But no. McLaren saved some tricks up its sleeve with the MP4-12C and has pulled out all the stops to celebrate its 50th anniversary by building 100 special versions of its entry-level supercar.


Donned with extras like a full leather interior, plenty of 50th anniversary badges, some extra carbon fiber bits, a carbon-ceramic brake package, and a carbon front bumper, the special editions will come in two versions: 50 coupes and 50 hardtop Spiders, complete with folding roof.

The slathering of yellow paint, leather, badges, and carbon don’t just make the MP4-12C more distinctive looking but also more aerodynamic with improved downforce.


What will this special McLaren cost you? You’ll pay just shy of $300,000 for the hardtop version and $325,000 for the Spider. These each represents a $30,000 increase over the standard, non-50th anniversary editions.

Intriguingly, however, if you were to just go get a regular one and add all these upgraded packages on the dealer check sheet; you’d be spending some $35,044, according to Car. So it looks like you actually save five grand buying the 50th over the regular with the optional sporty bits.

So be sure to get two.