An aviation-themed interior gives the Mercedes-AMG GT first class seats

2015 Mercedes AMG GT interior

“Emotion” and “sensuousness” are not two words that normally come to my mind when thinking of German design. Yet, this is how Mercedes describes the interior in its forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT sports car.

“A GT sports car in its purest form,” the all-new AMG GT sports car will be the intellectual successor to the popular SLS AMG GT with a V8 engine and two doors.

“The technological substance of the Mercedes-AMG GT underscores our high aspirations with regard to vehicle dynamics, agility and sportiness,” said Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Aside from the two interior photos in this story, no other images of the car have been shown. Despite this, Mercedes says the car will “set the driver’s and front passenger’s pulses racing even while at a standstill.”

2015 Mercedes AMG GT interior side

Where the SLS was a bit more classical in its design, the GT will embrace an “aviation design theme”. The dash, for example, is shaped to evoke the feeling of a wide wing with the climate control vents emphasizing this motif. If that wing-like dashboard sounds familiar, it should; the all-new Audi TT dash claims the same. The dash might be wing-like but the AMG DRIVE UNIT buttons are arranged like the cylinders of a V8 engine.

Differentiating itself from the SLS, the GT – if I have interpreted Mercedes-AMG’s words correctly – will have a second row of seats, which makes it a bit more usable than the SLS.

Regardless of seat arrangement, the GT should prove to be a brilliant sports car. After all, the Germans – specifically Mercedes-AMG – don’t make a bad car. If the bright red interior is any indication, it should be a showman, too.

The full images and details of the Mercedes-AMG GT should be released later this year. We’ll be sure to bring them to you as soon as we can, so check back.