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Mercedes’ luxurious golf cart has a built-in fridge, touchscreen, leather trim

Golf is an incredibly technical and difficult sport to master, but for most people, it’s the ultimate form of relaxation. Few things are more leisurely than teeing off with your friends while wearing silly shorts and drinking, in fact the sport is so casual that many players have cut out the walking element altogether. Ah, the golf cart — the pinnacle of human lethargy.

Most golf carts are virtually identical, but Mercedes-Benz just changed the game. The brand has officially unveiled the Style Edition Garia Golf Car, a two-seat leisuremobile that is both sexy and smart.

Born from a cooperation between Mercedes-Benz designers, Daimler’s Business Innovation Think & Act Tank, and golf cart manufacturer Garia, the Golf Car suits all the needs of the modern linksman. It certainly looks the part, for one, as the contoured front end, stylized LED headlights, and carbon fiber roof make it look more like a real car than a puffed-up children’s toy. The premium feel continues inside as well, as the leather-trimmed cabin equips a Bluetooth speaker system and 10.1-inch touchscreen that displays remaining vehicle range (up to 50 miles), speed, power consumption, and current position on the course. Drivers can also manage driving modes and mechanical functions through the screen, and if they’re feeling extra competitive, there’s even an option for an electronic score card.

Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car

“In the interior we have created something of a mobile lounge, with a new, interactive design on a touchpad where I can run both my golf software and the vehicle software,” said Gorden Wagener, head of design at Daimler AG. “Mercedes-Benz stands for modern luxury, and golf is an authentic part of that theme. It is a very active sport, but also very luxurious.”

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In terms of country club essentials, the Style Edition Garia Golf Car has it all. A trick rear spoiler doubles as a golf bag holder with room for two, and there are plenty of storage compartments inside for golf balls, glasses, and bottles. Like we said, the essentials. And to make sure everyone stays hydrated on the course, there’s a built-in refrigerator under the bench seat.

Just two driveable examples are slated to be built at the time of this writing, but Garia may institute series production if demand is high enough.

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