Own one of F1 hero Michael Schumacher’s two Ferrari Enzos – that’s right, TWO

Ferrari Enzo FXX

Did you know that legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher owns two Ferrari Enzos? Well, he did. They’re actually now both up for sale at the Ferrari and Maserati dealership Garage Zénith in Sweden.

We figured the king of F1 must have owned two Enzos because he’d still want one to play around with while the other one was in the shop. This might be true but the Schumacher’s Enzos weren’t identical.

Schumacher’s red Enzo features the signature of Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo under the hood, which is no facture feature. This suggests this example was built exclusively for the legend himself. During his time with it, Schumacher managed to put 8,500 kilometers (5,280 miles) on the clock. Not bad for a man who probably doesn’t have a lot of time for leisurely cruising.

Most intriguingly of all, however, is Schumacher’s other Enzo, the FXX. This all-black, one-of-30 specialized supercar was build for track driving only. Accordingly, Schumacher only managed to put 900 kilometers (559 miles) on it, according to Motor Authority.

How much are the Swedes peddling these Italian beauties for? $1.47-million for the standard Enzo and $2.67-million for the FXX.

Why is Schumacher unloading his Ferraris? Maybe to make room for some new Mercedes-Benzes. Hopefully he’s not hard up for cash. He’s made more money in his racing career than the total GDP of some third-world countries in the same amount of time.

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