Renaultsport R.S. 01 is a French racecar with the heart of a GT-R

Renault’s new Alpine sports car may still be a ways off, but it’s not the only performance project the French carmaker is working on.

At the 2014 Moscow Auto Show, Renault unveiled at Renaultsport R.S. 01, a track car designed for a one-make race series that will be held in Europe.

It’s too bad this heavily-punctuated sports car is only for the track, because it would look great cruising down just about any street.

The styling bears some resemblance to the sensational Alpine A110-50 concept, with some more aggressive cues and an aerodynamic package including dive planes and a massive rear spoiler. There’s a bit of Audi R8 in there, too.

Under the skin is a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 derived from the Nissan GT-R’s engine. Renault and Nissan  are corporate siblings and, as the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge shows, the Japanese carmaker isn’t shy about sharing “Godzilla’s” engine.

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In the R.S. 01, the V6 produces 550 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. It spins the rear wheels through a seven-speed sequential gearbox with steering-wheel mounted shift paddles.

Thanks to a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque designed by race-car builder Dallara, the Renaultsport R.S. 01 can reach a top speed of 186 mph. It also features adjustable shock absorbers and carbon brake discs.

None of this impressive hardware will influence the Alpine sports car, which will be smaller and emphasize handling finesse over raw power. There’s a chance the road car will be mid-engined, though, so some of the race car’s styling could influence it.

Neither car will turn a wheel in public until 2016. That’s when the Renaultsport R.S. 01 will hit the track in its one-make race series, and the Alpine will hit showrooms.