Rimac Concept One pictures

And then there was one…

Well not quite…working with a group of 20 engineers outside of Zagreb, Croatia, the team at Rimac Automobili has designed an all-electric supercar triumphantly called, the Concept One.

The all-electric supercar features a beastly 1,088 horsepower and can reach 62 mph from a standstill in 2.8 seconds maxing out at a top-speed of 190mph. Additionally, the range of the Concept One is stated to sit impressively at 370 miles and includes a body consisting of carbon-fiber. Furthermore, the interior of the Concept One was designed by a team formerly with famed Italian car design firm, Pininfarina.

Of course all of that sounds super sexy, but what is of real interest is the fact that each wheel on the Concept One is powered by a separate electric motor, independently controlled by its own inverter and reduction gearbox. Rimac dubs it “All Wheel Torque Vectoring”, and it is said to offer unparallelled  performance at top speeds and while accelerating out of corners.

Looking to get on a waiting list for one of these Eastern European automotive beauties? Rimac promises to build 88 units, with deliveries starting in 2013.