Tesla Model S Convertible becomes a reality for 100 lucky Chinese buyers

Every car is better as a convertible, right? The Lamborghini Veneno is. The McLaren 650S Spider is. So is the Nissan GT-R. But a Tesla Model S? I’m not so sure.

The questionable viability of the Tesla Model S Convertible isn’t stopping Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) from making one.

The convertible-crazed company has reportedly been contracted by a Chinese investor to produce 100 drop-top Teslas, some with a $29,000 soft tonneau cover and others with a $49,000 hard tonneau cover.

If you remember, the Tesla Model S broke an NHTSA roof crush protection simulator back in August. So the prospects of taking the roof off of the aluminum-bodied Model S without seriously compromising the structural integrity might be tough.

I suspect that NCE might have to fab up some silly looking rollover hoops – a la Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible – in order to retain at least a modicum of body rigidity. The Tesla Model S is already the safest car ever crash-tested by the NHTSA. So I reckon a chopped one would still be safer than, say, a Yugo.

So infatuated with its new project, NCE apparently reached out to Tesla, suggesting the two companies team up to build another 5,000 Model S convertibles for mass-market sale.

When reached for a comment on this deal, Tesla said, “We don’t have any plans for a convertible at this time. We are very focused on developing Model X and bringing our mass market vehicle to market in about three years,” according to Motor Authority.

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