Toyota’s Supra successor could cost more than a Corvette

There’s been a lot of speculation about the upcoming Toyota Supra successor, but how much will the darn thing cost when it finally arrives?

Citing an inside source, Car and Driver claims it will cost more than a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which starts at $54,995. How much more is unclear.

A price that’s somewhat close to the ‘Vette’s – which does grow quickly when options are added – could actually make sense.

The Toyota is expected to be a mid-sized sports car of roughly the same size as the Chevy, so if Toyota can match the Corvette’s performance it might work out.

The real question is where BMW will position its version. The German carmaker is partnering with Toyota to develop the sports car’s platform, which will also be used for one of its models.

That model is generally thought to be a replacement for the Z4, if Toyota prices its cars north of $54,000, BMW might make its version significantly more expensive, pricing it out of the Z4’s market segment.

Alternatively, the two versions could be distinguished more by character than price. BMW split the difference between sporty roadster and luxury cruiser with the current Z4, so maybe it has something similar in mind for this new sports car.

Regardless of what BMW does, the Toyota will likely emphasize performance and tech. It’s rumored to feature a hybrid powertrain, along with styling influenced by the show-stopping FT-1 concept car.

While it’s referred to as a “Supra successor” for clarity’s sake, the sports car may also go by a different name, although Toyota fans are probably hoping it won’t.

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