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Uber launches monthlong power rider flat fare pilot programs in four cities

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Flat-fare Uber trips for power riders are on the menu as a test through September. People who use the ride-hailing system the most can pay a monthly up-front fee to use the flat-fare schedule, as reported on GeekWire.

The four cities involved in the pilot program are Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, and Miami. Each city has different pricing.

The flat-fare program is limited to designated areas in each city and to 20 trips per month. So if a “power rider” is someone who takes Uber to and from work and for five to six additional trips a week, the flat fare runs out in the second week of the month.

In Seattle, the up-front buy-in fee is $49. With that base covered, riders can take up to 20 trips for flat fees up to $3 for UberPool trips and $8 for UberX trips. While the flat fees are set up to cover the full fare, there are limits of $20 for UberPool trips and $25 for UberX. If, for example, you’re part of the power rider program and the normal UberX fare for a trip is $27, you’d pay $8 for the flat fare and $2 for the amount over $25 for a total of $10.

In San Francisco, where there only limited openings for the program, the up-front fee is $20 and the flat fares are $2 for UberPool and $7 for UberX. There’s also an option, only in San Francisco, to pay a $30 up-front fee and be covered for 40 trips.

San Diego’s up-front fee is also $20 and UberPool and UberX flat fares are $3 and $6 respectively. Miami, where UberX is the only choice, the up-front fee is $30 and the flat fares are $5.

As Uber continues to test different pricing models, it only figures that some will stick and others will go away. Others may come back modified in some way with a different name.

The flat fare pilot program for power riders may well serve sufficient numbers of patrons in their respective cities. The details are different for each city, so if you’re interested you’ll want to check the specifics for your city at these sites: Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, and Miami.

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