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Electric mobile office pulls out all the stops for pampered productivity

It may be dangerous to look at the photos of Varsovia Motors‘ mobile office concept car, the eponymous “Varsovia” — Polish for “Warsaw.” After one look, you might feel deprived by whatever you currently drive or ride in. The Varsovia’s interior design priorities are exclusivity, luxury, comfort, and relaxation with unsurpassed communications and entertainment for two passengers and a driver, according to Electrek.

There is no front passenger seat in the Varsovia, allotting extra leg and stretching room for the right rear passenger. Each of the rear seat passengers also has a folded table for working or reading. The tables have built-in dynamic stabilizers so in theory papers won’t slide about and drinks won’t spill.

The car is powered by an electric motor, with the battery pack located under the flooring. An optional gasoline-powered range extender will be available for those who want to go farther than the standard 215-mile range per charge. Acceleration to 62 mph will be less than 5 seconds and the top speed will “significantly exceed” 128 mph.

Besides the unusual 1-plus-2 seating arrangement, the most eye-catching design feature is a pair of 19-inch transparent displays. Folded, the displays function as an interior glass roof layer that can display any desired image from the night sky to fireworks. When the displays are folded down they form a 38-inch diagonal panoramic screen for single or multiple communications, entertainment, or productivity displays used with the onboard, integrated computer system and built-in tablet, keyboard, and mouse. The system has high-speed communications via satellite internet connection.

Varsovia refers to the backseat as an interactive spa. In addition to separate systems for cooling, heating, massage, and firmness, sensors in the seats adapt to the passengers’ weight and build. Biometric sensors and cameras detect pulse and excitement levels and accordingly select music, lighting color and intensity, and seat hardness. The company claims the “Varsovia is the first vehicle in history which can automatically adapt to passengers’ mood.”

No plastic will be allowed in the construction of the Varsovia interior. Everything will be made of wood, leather, aluminum, silver, or mineral rocks. Parts of the interior most likely to be touched will be made of an antiseptic material to minimize bacteria and microorganisms, and the carpets and leather will have hydrophobic properties so dirt won’t settle.

The Polish company announced its intent to create a “full-size prototype” to debut at an unspecified international auto show in 2017. If the reaction to the Varsovia all-electric concept vehicle is positive, the company intends to go into production after 2018 with the goal of producing no more than 50 cars a year.

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