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Absurd Fallout 4 battles end in a second nuclear holocaust

FALLOUT 4 BATTLES #2: 60 Mr. Gutsy vs. 60 Diamond Security!
Fallout 4 offers players plenty of foes to take on as they survey post-apocalyptic Boston — but who would come out on top if these irradiated beasties were facing off with one another? That’s exactly the question that a YouTube user going by the handle Tyrannicon is attempting to answer.

Using console commands to spawn tens of units at a time, Tyrannicon is using the most scientific process at his disposal to find out who’s the toughest fighters in the wasteland. Whether it’s Ghouls fighting Radscorpions or household robots fighting a security force, battles typically result in a mass of body parts and gibs.

The melee between a team of security officers normally tasked with protecting Diamond City and a group of Mr. Handy service robots has a particularly surprising conclusion. Having dominated proceedings throughout the fight, the humans are finally undone by the self-destruct procedure hardwired into each Mr. Handy.

Another brawl demonstrates just how effective the Radscorpions of Fallout 4 are. After quickly seeing off a bunch of Ghouls, the irradiated arachnids then make short work of a group of fifty Mirelurks. Surely a Super Mutant vs. Radscorpion showdown must be the next logical step for Tyrannicon.

FALLOUT 4 BATTLES #3: 50 Radscorpions vs. 50 Mirelurks vs. 50 Ghouls!!

The sheer chaos of these fights is possible thanks to the console commands available in the PC version of Fallout 4, according to reporting from PC Gamer. These options are currently unavailable to the scores of players making their way through the game on consoles.

However, that may not be the case once mod support is added into the game’s Xbox One release, although it’s not clear when this functionality will be made available. At present, there are no plans for PlayStation 4 players to be able to use mods with their version of the game.

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