Asus and In Win work together on transforming PC case

It can be tough to make a splash with a new product in the tech world these days, but Asus hasn’t failed to impress. At Computex 2015 on June 1, the manufacturer unveiled a new product that looks more like a transformer robot than anything else, according to Techspot.

With assistance from In Win, Asus has created a desktop PC chassis that opens and closes without any hard work being required of its user. By pressing a button, the entire chassis blooms to expose the inner workings of the PC, and then seamlessly pieces itself back together.

The goal of this design, of course, is to make it easier to access the main components of the PC. In its fully opened state, the motherboard tray is conveniently tilted toward you.

Not much is known about the product yet, aside from the fact that it is a part of Asus’ ROG division. The company intends to mass-produce this item once it hits the market. But while you may eventually be able to get your hands on one of these beasts, experts believe that it’ll cost you big bucks.

Asus debuted a wide series of products at Computex 2015, hosted in Taiwan. Some of the products include the ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti, ROG 34-inch Curved G-SYNC Monitor and ROG Swift PG279Q.

However, gaming products weren’t the only focus for Asus at the event. The company also showed off a range of laptops, including the new ZenBook UX305 and UX303. The firm also debuted the Transformer Book T100HA, a follow-up to Asus’ best-selling TA100TA 2-in-1, and the AsusPro E210 desktop. Many of the new products that the company exhibited boasted lightweight chassis and quiet operation.

There is no release date for the transforming PC chassis just yet. Many of the Asus products at Computex 2015 did not have release dates, with the exception of the T100HA, which is slated for the third quarter of 2015.