ATI All-In-Wonder 9800Pro Review

Quote from the review at HardOCP:

“No wonder this card is called the All-In-Wonder. There are more features built into this product that basically makes up three different components; 2D/3D, Hardware Multimedia Features and Software Multimedia Features.

At the heart of the hardware multimedia features lies the Rage Theater 200. This tiny chip provides the high level of image quality and performance that the AIW 9800Pro exhibits when it comes to video capture, decoding and encoding video and audio. Under the Video Immersion II moniker ATI has included high quality filters and technology poised to improve image quality and performance. The dynamic adaptive de-interlacing capability of the AIW 9800Pro is at the highest level of quality that has ever been on an All-In-Wonder video card. Temporal Filtering is another feature helps improve image quality by smoothing the image between frames so that no matter what refresh rate your monitor is running at the video will remain smooth. “

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