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You can now experiment with Canon cameras and lenses in virtual reality

CANON VR Camera Simulator Innovation Lab
Canon might make imaging products to capture and save photographs in the real world, but it appears that hasn’t stopped the Japanese company from dabbling in virtual reality. Canon has created an incredibly immersive Oculus Rift app, simply titled “Camera Simulator.”

As its name suggests, this app allows photographers to immerse themselves in an alternate reality where they can test and experience authentic Canon cameras and lenses without the need to rent or demo a physical model. Instead, Canon has built an immersive photography simulator that takes into account the attributes and specifications of various Canon cameras and lenses to see how the will work in the field.

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As is to be expected, there are plenty of limitations put in place by using a simulator over the real thing, but for a basic idea of how certain lenses will look on various cameras and how much of a difference larger apertures will look on more expensive lenses, the simulation should get the job done.

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Currently, the application supports three separate Canon cameras and three different lenses, each with its own features and capabilities within the app. Camera setups can be tested in a number of scenes, which are limited in movement, but still offer a little space to look around and compose shots.

Once the images are captured, you can view them in full resolution on your computer.

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It’s a clever move from Canon and a wonderful product from the Canon Innovation Lab. By exploiting the growing virtual reality market, Canon not only provides a fun learning experience for new photographers, but also capitalizes on a great marketing opportunity to teach consumers about the capabilities of its cameras and lenses.

If you happen to have an Oculus Rift on hand (or happen to know someone who does), you can head on over and download Camera Simulator for free in the Oculus Rift app store.

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