Cougar’s 450-series PC gaming peripherals set to pounce this winter

Cougar, a gaming peripheral company, announced the 450M gaming mouse and the 450K gaming keyboard today, which will presumably fall somewhere between their existing 400 and 500 lines in terms of features and pricing.

Cougar claims the 450K offers “hybrid mechanical switches,” which is a compromise between the tactile response of a mechanical keyboard without the durability problems those sometimes have. It’s hard to say how that feels without trying the keyboard out.

There’s 6-key rollover and anti-ghosting support, and extensive remapping capabilities. There’s even storage in the keyboard itself for storing your profiles. The custom color lighting can change as your toggle between modes so you’ll know which one you’re using. Splash-proof design that makes it spill-proof and easy to clean, so you won’t end up crying over spilt Dew.

The 450M, meanwhile, is a 5000 DIP optical gaming mouse with a 1000Hz polling rate, so precision won’t be a problem.

There are 8 programmable buttons on the mouse, which you can configure to do just about anything – there’s 512 kilobytes of on-board storage, so you can save three different configurations to the mouse itself using the included Cougar UIX. Again, you can set the multicolor backlight system to show a different color depending on which profile you’ve got set up, meaning you can always know at a glance which settings you’re using.

Both devices will be available in the UK and Germany in December; Americans will have to wait until the first quarter of 2016. Prices have not been announced, but if the product numbers correspond to price-point they’ll probably both be in the $45-$60 range.