Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop Review

Quote from the review:

“Where entertainment on a notebook is concerned, audio and video capabilities are two essential aspects for those pursuing such performance machines. “Multimedia Delivery” is the key point here and what best to bring this to life than a striking combination of inspiring industrial design, seamless integration of intuitive software and performance components. The class of notebooks in discussion here is none other than the absolute top of the line, seriously powerful desktop replacement notebooks. Performance wise, these expensive juggernauts are unquestionably the leader of the pack and it’s easy to see why this is so. Desktop replacements have a larger build than all the other classes of notebooks, thereby allowing them to house bigger and more powerful cooling systems. In addition to that, they are designed with better ventilation properties and are well suited to cope with the thermal dissipation of cutting edge components.

Recently released and perched right at the upper end of the performance envelope is the Inspiron 9300 desktop replacement from Dell. It is a considerably mightier version of the recently reviewed Inspiron 6000, which from our tests was not quite the master juggler of multimedia as initially expected. For now and from the technical standpoint at least, the Inspiron 9300 is certainly well poised in filling the disappointing the voids left by its smaller sibling. We’ll find out soon enough if the newer Inspiron 9300 delivers the mantle as it is positioned.”

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