Dell Inspiron R Notebooks Target Families and Students

Computer maker Dell has taken the wraps of its Inspiron R-series of notebook computers, aiming squarely at home and family users as well as students with a set of highly-configurable notebooks. In addition to glossy case colors (with chrome accents), the new Inspiron R series also feature an Intel Wireless Display option that lets them connect to an HDTV for playing video and other media without messing with cables and dust bunnies.

dell inspiron r notebooks target families and students 14 notebook family  june 2010

“The Inspiron R takes the rock solid Inspiron line and amps up the cool factor with a sexy and practical machine for entertainment, and social networking along with all the usual home, school, and work functions,” said Dell product marketing VP Glen Robson, in a statement. “Photos, videos and personal files can also be securely stored and shared with DataSafeOnline for peace of mind right out of the box. This is a laptop that moms will love and youths will ask for.”

The Inspiron R line wil feature three basic models: the Inspiron 14R with a 14-inch screen, the Inspiron 15R with a 15.6-inch display, and the Inspiron 17R with a 17.3-inch display. The units will feature a wide range of configurations and options, including a choice of Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors, HD screen resolution offered on all systems, 802/11n Wi-Fi, optional ATI Radeon graphics with 1 GB of video RAM, up to 640 GB of hard drive storage, up to up 8 GB of RAM, and an integrated media card reader. The Inspiron Rs will also tout a built-in webcam, SRS Premium Sound, and the 15- and 17-inch systems will also sport a dedicated number pad.

The new Inspiron Rs will be available in four glossy colors—black, red, blue, and pink—and should go on sale at new Dell retail partner Fry’s Electronics on June 25; other authorized retailers will also carry the notebooks, and of course they can be ordered from Dell directly. Prices start at $449. Students will also have the option of purchasing Microsoft Office 2010 as a pre-installed software option.

dell inspiron r notebooks target families and students 17r  june 2010