Facebook, MySpace Spread Worm

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Have you been on Facebook or MySpace lately and received a message from a friend with a link to download the latest Flash Player? If you clicked on that link, be very worried. There’s a very good chance you’re now part of a botnet.

According to CNET, Kaspersky Lab has warned of a worm circulating that way on the social networking sites. Once infected, the next time a user logs on to the site, the message is automatically sent to people on the friends list.

"We’ve seen these types of worms before, typically around MySpace," said Kaspersky’s Ryan Naraine. "People are more trusting of things they receive from a friend."

The lesson, of course, is that your “friends” may not really be your friends – and to be very, very cautious when clicking on any link and downloading something onto your computer.

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