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FingerGear Shows Off Bootable Flash Drive

FingerGear, the consumer products division of secure data device storage device company Bionopoly, today announced what they are calling the world’s first bootable USB flash drive. The Bio Computer-On-a-Stick USB Flash Drive is available in sizes ranging up to 1GB, with prices starting at $149.

The Bio Computer-On-a-Stick USB Flash Drive allows the user to boot directly off it, bypassing the normal start up sequence of the host computer. It comes pre-loaded with its own operating system, the OpenOffice Productivity Suite for support of Microsoft Office files, the Mozilla FireFox web browser, an email client, an instant messaging client which works with services like Yahoo and AOL and a PDF creating program.

FingerGear’s flash drive also features a fingerprint sensor for one-swipe secure data access and a large font LCD display. It includes a USB 2.0 cable and neck lanyard.

“The USB standard has experienced one of the fastest adoption rates in the history of consumer electronics,” said Bionopoly C.E.O. Jon Louis, “The next wave of FingerGear USB devices now allows you to carry your entire Desktop Software Environment. With capacities up to 8 Gigs, the Computer-On-a-Stick can essentially replace your hard drive. The COS, and now the Biometric edition, offer the ultimate combination of desktop portability and advanced security.”

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