Fujitsu S6130 Notebook Review

Quote from the review:

“It’s becoming quite rare these days to find a non-Centrino based notebook. Practically all newly released models are based on the Intel Centrino mobile technology. nd for good reasons too. With a Centrino notebook, you’ll get wireless connectivity, extended battery life and high performance per clock cycle. From our past reviews of Centrino based notebooks, these few factors helped explain the lopsided use of this technology in current generation notebooks.

The ‘S’ series of notebooks from Fujitsu is aimed mainly towards the corporate sector where mobile executives require a notebook that’s lightweight, has a longer battery life and with an integrated connectivity on the move. While a Centrino system allows for a smaller than normal form-factor, not all notebooks based on this system are truly sub-notebooks. Fujitsu however, has a different mindset. The Japanese notebook maker has three, namely the ‘S’, ‘B’ and the ‘P’ series in the sub-notebooks category. This meant that the bulk of notebooks coming from Fujitsu are sub-2kg, and the S6130 that we’re going to review today is one such model. “

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