Gateway FX, DX, and SX Desktops Get Spiffed Up

Computer maker Gateway—now a unit of Acer, of course—has introduced new entries in its FX, DX, and SX series of desktop computers, boosting power, capacity, and performance without cranking up the bottom line. And while the machine may not carry all the oomph of some offerings from the competition, they don’t carry the hefty price tags either.

Gateway FX6831-03 gaming desktop top ports

First up, the new models in the FX line feature 2.5- GHZ Intel Core i7 processors and ATI Radeon HD5850 graphics with 1 GB of video memory. The FX6831-03 boasts 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1.5 GB SATA hard drive, and a 16× DVD±RW Super Multi DVD drive, along with a separate 4×Blu-ray/DVD combo drive. The FX6831-01 steps down a little to 8 GB of memory and omits the Blu-ray drive; both ship with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The new FX series also try to do something with tradition boring desktop case designs: the top front of the PC features headphone and mic jacks and an angled media card reader; there’s also a recessed tray on the top for easy storage of cameras and PMPs; the back of the tray also features 2 USB 2.0 ports for easy peripheral connection. And just behind the tray? Storage for cables and junk that otherwise litters your work-or-play surface. Plus, the FX series features a front-and-center knob for controlling adjustable lighting effects. The FX6831-03 with the Blu-ray drive will be prices at $1,699.99; the FX6831-01 will go for $1,299.99.

GW FX6831 HDD bays

Gateway has also brought Intel Core i5 processors to its DX desktop line, along with Nvidia graphics and Blu-ray drives. The DX4831-03 will feature a Core i5 processor running at 3.2 GHz (boostable to 3.46 GHz), Nvidia GeForce GT220 graphics with 1 GB of video memory, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1 TB SATA hard drive, and both a 16× Super Multi DVD burner and a 4× Blu-ray drive. The system ships with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and carries a suggested price of $849.99.

Gateway has also revamped its SX series of small-form-factor desktops to feature Intel Core i3 processors, 6 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of storage; the systems run on Intel GMA X4500HD graphics and sport HDMI output in case someone wanted to hook them up to a home theater system, and they also sport a 16× DVD Super Multi drive. Expect to see the new SX2849-01 retailing for about $599.99.