Gateway Laptop Promises 10-Hour Battery

The Gateway M460 notebook was designed to provide maximum battery life and  the widest range of advanced battery options.  It provides from four to seven  hours of battery life on a single charge with one of the primary 6-cell,  8-cell and 12-cell Lithium Ion batteries.  Also, the notebook has a modular  hot-swap bay, so an optional modular 6-cell battery can be used with the  12-cell primary battery to achieve up to ten plus hours of battery life for  all-day computing.  When combined with the notebook’s thin-and-light design — starting weight is less than six pounds and it measures as little as  1.31 inches thin — the battery life and other features make the Gateway  M460 the obvious choice for professionals looking for a powerful, portable PC.
The Gateway M460 can be customized with a wide range of features,  including displays, processors, memory, hard drives and optical drives, so  each organization can choose the configurations that best fit their needs.  As  a result, it can be configured to meet almost any budget or performance  specification.  This flexibility saves IT departments’ time and money by  letting them standardize on a single notebook platform, regardless of the  varied end-user requirements.  Further protecting Gateway customers’  investment, the Gateway M460 promises image stability and a long managed life  cycle like its predecessors, the Gateway M405 and Gateway 450.

Gateway M460

“The Gateway M460 addresses professional organizations’ needs for a  flexible, powerful notebook,” said Greg Memo, Gateway’s senior vice president,  products & operations.  “This single platform can be customized for use in a  range of environments, making it easier for IT departments to manage.  It also  provides investment protection thanks to its new powerful, industry-standard  technology and long life cycle.”
Based on the new Intel 915 chipset, and available with high performance  Intel Centrino mobile technology, the Gateway M460 delivers a multitude  of benefits for customers. The M460 supports the latest Intel Pentium-M and  Intel Celeron-M processors for optimized mobile performance.  It also utilizes  PCI Express, which provides faster performance and improved graphics.  DDR2  memory further improves system performance.
The Gateway M460 incorporates a range of options that enable it to scale  to meet a range of requirements.  The notebook is offered with either a  15.4-inch widescreen display, which is ideal for departments such as  accounting or graphics design, or a 15-inch standard display, for employees  undertaking general computing tasks.  The modular hot-swap bay supports removable optical drives, a second hard drive, a second battery or floppy drive.

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