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Searching for emails in Gmail is about to get much faster

Gmail will soon use machine learning to optimize its search profile and yield better results in its email client. The brand detailed on its Google Workspace Updates blog that it has developed a new machine learning model that will be able to identify the intent of email searches and deliver more contextual results.

It is also expected to be able to create personalized suggestions based on prior searches.

Gmail inbox in Safari on a laptop.

Functionally, the feature might work in a fashion where you input keywords you think might get you to the email you want. If they don’t, the new Gmail machine learning algorithm can suggest alternative keywords that might get you to your desired results faster, instead of you having to think of another search term on your own.

TechRadar noted this update is slated to be a solid step up from other Gmail search formats, which relied on chips, filters, and operators.

The update is now available to all Google Workspace customers, in addition to legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, and personal Google account users.

While Google didn’t share images of what the update will look like, a complete update is expected within the coming weeks. It is expected to be available for Gmail’s web app, in addition to the Android and iOS mobile apps, though Google did not specify, according to 9to5Google.

Google is continuously working on many changes to Gmail. The brand is currently rolling out a design change for the email client called “integrated Gmail layout,” which was originally announced in January. The redesign is intended to bring a new look to Gmail and improve productivity and functionality. It is based on the current “Material You” design language that Google is using for many of its software platforms, including Android and ChromeOS. However, users can easily opt out of using the new layout if they desire.

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