Intel Plans New Processors For June

The company will launch its Intel 915 Express and Intel 925 Express chipsets along with nine new Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. Chipsets, a collection of chips that assist in shuttling data to and from the processor and controlling input/output, are similar to a central nervous system. PCs using the 900 family chipsets and the Pentium 4s are scheduled go on sale the weekend of June 19. The Celerons will come out a few days later, sources familiar with Intel’s plans said.

Together, the chipsets and processors, which the sources said will include a new Pentium 4 560 running at 3.6GHz, will generate a variety of new desktop PCs that will offer greater performance than today’s desktops and some new capabilities as well, including the option for a built-in wireless access point, dubbed Intel Wireless Connect Technology.

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