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This retro style mechanical keyboard has built-in Bluetooth speakers

rocksete bluetooth speaker keyboard
KnewKey Rocksete Media Kit/KnewKey Store

There’s a new retro mechanical keyboard on the horizon, but its typewriter-like appearance isn’t the only thing that makes it noteworthy. Known as Rocksete, it’s an upcoming mechanical keyboard from keyboard manufacturer KnewKey. Rocksete’s most intriguing feature is that it comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

According to KnewKey’s website product listing for the Rocksete keyboard, the Bluetooth speakers are JBL speakers and KnewKey claims that the speakers will offer “360° surround with fully immersive cinematic audio experience.” KnewKey’s press release announcing the Rocksete also mentioned that the keyboard’s audio system includes a Harman 45mm full-range unit and four bass radiators.

In addition to Bluetooth speakers, the Rocksete retro mechanical keyboard is also expected to feature a choice between brown/red switches or blue switches, support for up to 3 devices simultaneously (via either Bluetooth or wired connections), a built-in stand for your devices, and LED lighting effects that KnewKey claims is “driven by music.”

It’s worth noting however, that while the product listing page for the Rocksete keyboard is already up on KnewKey’s store website, the Rocksete keyboard itself isn’t available for purchase yet. In fact, it also appears that at launch, it will be primarily available on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. And according to KnewKey’s main website, the Rocksete is expected to be launched in “early November” on Indiegogo. The press release we referenced earlier (dated October 7), states that the launch date will be November 5 and that further details regarding price and availability won’t be announced until then.

Interested customers can sign up via email on the KnewKey website to get a “Limited Exclusive Offer” presumably for the Rocksete keyboard, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the Rocksete keyboard still appears to be part of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and that pledging money/signing up for this offer (or other crowdfunding projects) may not be a guarantee that you’ll get the product — so proceed with caution.

The Rocksete keyboard isn’t KnewKey’s first retro mechanical keyboard. In fact, the Rocksete’s predecessor, the Rymek, has a regular price range of $209 – $219. It’s possible that with its inclusion of Bluetooth speakers, the Rocksete’s price will be higher than that range.

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