M-Audio Revolution 7.1 review

Quote from Gaming 3D review:

“I really wanted to like this card. I really did. It really shows it’s pro-audio roots with it’s uber lack of noise. But what’s also shown is it’s rookie roots: it’s M-Audio’s first consumer sound card, and it sure feels like it. It’s includes a certificate for a piece of software that isn’t ready, it projects a DVD-A player that has no ETA, it doesn’t (officially) support Win98, the drivers include no equalizer, and they’re buggy like hell. To be honest, I could live with everything else… but the drivers… the drivers are it’s downfall. I have tried to call my M-Audio contacts on this, both on phone and on email… no answer. “

Our take is that this review is right on. Tweaknews.net reviewed this card a while ago and loved it, but I had my doubts because several people were posting in our forums stating otherwise. Kudos for Gaming in 3d for an honest review and a good one at that!

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