Microsoft Launches 64-bit Windows

“The new Windows won’t be showing up on retail shelves, though. Customers who buy a desktop or server with a 64-bit chip will have the option of getting the new operating system, while people who own an existing 64-bit machine will have the option of trading in their old 32-bit Windows for the 64-bit upgrade.

The so-called x64 versions of Windows support chips from Intel and AMD that have added 64-bit instructions to the existing Pentium and Athlon architectures. Microsoft already has a version of Windows for Intel’s high-end 64-bit Itanium chip, which uses a completely distinct instructions set. “

If you have a 64-bit based system, you may want to make sure that drivers are available for your hardware before updating your OS to the new Windows 64-bit.


Also, PCWorld test drives the new Windows XP Professional x64 operating system.