Microsoft WinHEC 2005 Wrap-up

Quote from the article:

“IF WE LEARNED anything from Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2005, it’s that the move to 64-bits will be a very quick and easy transition, with most new systems containing x86-64 processors by the end of 2005. WinHEC launched Microsoft’s long-awaited Windows x64 operating systems in XP Professional and several Server 2003 flavors. Everywhere we turned, x64 desktop and server systems were on display.

Regardless of whether most consumers will benefit much from 64-bit computing, Microsoft, AMD, and Intel are pushing it as the next step in the evolution of PC computing. In addition to all of the x64 hype, WinHEC also yielded some interesting information regarding 64-bit drivers, Windows “Longhorn,” Samsung’s hybrid hard drives, and Shuttle’s Pentium M-based home theater PC.”

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