New Creative Web Cam is Wide Angle Ready

USB 2.0 support means the Webcams can deliver crisp, high-resolution video at up to twice the frame rate of USB 1.1 cameras, while their lenses’ 76-degree field of view is almost half again as wide as most rivals’ 52-degree vision. The high-gloss titanium-finish cameras also combine a precision focus ring with CCD image sensor for more vibrant video and crisper images than other Webcams’ CMOS sensors, even in low-light conditions.

The Live Ultra can be placed on any flat surface or easily affixed to a flat-panel monitor, while the Live Ultra for Notebooks features a PowerGrip attachment instead of a simple hook for secure placement on a laptop display. Both work seamlessly with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Windows Messenger, with Smart Face Tracking to recognize and track the motion of one or more users during videoconferences or IM sessions.

They are both expected to sell for around $100 dollars.