Nvidia Geforce FX 6600 Previews

Quote from the preview at HardOCP:

“Hands down, NVIDIA has done an excellent job with their GeForce 6600GT. NVIDIA has moved all of their current enthusiast GPU technology to the mainstream, including Shader Model 3.0 support, and that is something you have to respect at that price point. NVIDIA is offering a product that supports all the latest features in games and also performs very admirably in those games. We are told the PCI-Express version, as we tested here, will be out around the end of the month. The AGP versions of the GeForce 6600 series will contain the same GPU but will simply be bridged to the AGP interface. The GeForce 6600 series should be available for AGP before the end of the year.”

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Quote from the review at The Tech Report:

“We knew, though, when NVIDIA and ATI introduced their new 16-pipe high-end graphics chips that eventually the other shoe would have to drop. Eventually, the massive performance increases we saw in high-end graphics cards would cascade down the GPU makers’ product lines, into their “mainstream” cards. Fortunately, folks, that time has come. NVIDIA’s GeForce 6600 series is ready to debut, with eminently reasonable price tags from about $149 to $199. I’ve had the $199 card, the GeForce 6600 GT, in Damage Labs for a week now, and I’m nearly beside myself. Read on to find out why. “

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Quote from the preview at Hexus.net:

“Very strong mid-range performance wth many times the raw shader power of NVIDIA’s outgoing mid-range hardware, keen price and all the architectural benefits of NV40, without any of the form factor downsides of NV40 boards. 6600 GT will sell very well and for good reason. Get your pre-order in now and pray NVIDIA get the AGP version out as soon as possible since that’s the version many of you are waiting for. It’s THE board to have on PCI Express at the time of writing.”

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Quote from the review at Beyond3D:

“Looking at the top level specifications it appears that the GeForce 6600 GT bears many similarities to the ill fated GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, however naturally the architecture its based on readdresses many of the performance issues associated with the FX architecture, and the smaller process alleviates the board level issues of noise and heat. Its interesting to note that the specifications for what were considered high end 18-22 months ago are now reaching mainstream price segments.”

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Quote from the review at Trusted Reviews:

“First things first, the GeForce 6600 is a PCI Express part and unlike the PCI Express GeForce 6800 cards, this is a native solution. nVidia received a certain amount of criticism for using a bridge chip to make the GeForce 6800 cards PCI Express compatible, but this time around there shouldn’t be anything to complain about. Of course if an AGP GeForce 6600 appears, we’ll probably see a bridge chip implemented rather than nVidia resorting a whole new spin. “

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