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Here are the games you’ll play if you enter the Rift on March 28

Prepare for the first wave of virtual reality games. Oculus announced earlier today the Rift will debut with 30 full virtual reality games when it hits shelves March 28.

The myriad of game titles ranges from adventure RPGs to first person shooters. A number of the games will already be fan favorites by the time the Rift arrives. Action adventure game Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe will be one of the 30 games included at the Rift’s launch, and has been playable for the Oculus Rift developer kit since December 2013.


Every game library needs a home, even in virtual reality, so Oculus made its own. Along with new game titles, the VR company also introduced Oculus Home on the Rift, the homepage where users can access the Oculus Store, messages from other users, and see recent activity. Users can also browse through Oculus Home and customize the interface. According to the blog, Oculus Home is an updated version of interface from the Samsung Gear VR.

The timing of this news is quite opportune. Sony announced yesterday plans to release its long-awaited Playstation VR in October for $400 and make it playable on the Playstation 4. At that price point, the Playstation VR is $200 cheaper than the Oculus Rift’s $600 price tag, before you even factor in the motion controller. Reports also state the Playstation VR will have more than 50 games playable by the end of the year, so within two months of its release.

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While having 30 playable games over six months before Playstation VR arrives is a good head start, it may just be delaying the inevitable. To use an Oculus Rift, you need a VR-capable PC which will cost around $1,000. A Playstation 4, Playstation VR and the requisite Playstation Move controllers and camera will cost upwards of $850. Market intelligence company SuperData Research discovered nearly twice as many console gamers are willing to pay more than $400 on VR than their PC counterparts.

To read more about how the Rift and PSVR stack up against each other, check out our full comparison.

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