Opera 8 Gets 600K Downloads in 48 Hours

Opera’s new Web browser, Opera 8, was released Tuesday, and the massive response had Opera’s download servers kneeling an hour after the launch. Still, the download numbers of Opera 8 reached 600 000 in the first 48 hours.

“A lot of people had great difficulties downloading Opera 8 on Tuesday because the traffic on the servers was simply too high,” says Carsten Fischer, VP Desktop, Opera Software. “When download numbers reached 120 per second one hour after the release, our servers had serious problems dealing with all the requests. We had prepared for heavy traffic, but this exceeded our wildest dreams.”

Opera has now installed additional servers with increased capacity, and it was the download counter showing 600 000 downloads in 48 hours that sparked Mr Tetzschner’s enthusiasm and thus his courageous promise to boldly swim where no man has swum before.

You can download the new Opera 8 browser at the companys website.