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Work and play anywhere with these portable, large-screen monitors

gemini monitor press photo
UNICK press photo/UNICK Kickstarter

Gaming and working remotely often requires equipment that travels well. And with consumer tech, portability often means smaller sizes and usually smaller screens.

But as a new Kickstarter campaign touts, traveling gamers and workers may no longer have to sacrifice screen size for convenience.

Taihe Gemini, a line of two new portable, large-screen monitors from Unick, was recently introduced via a rapidly successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Gemini monitors boast a lightweight (2 lbs), large-screen 15.6-inch monitor that has the ability to work with “any brand of laptops” and a wide variety of smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung S Series (8 and later), Huawei Mate 10, Smartisan R1, HTC Ultar, and HTC 10.

Each of the monitors offered in the Gemini series offer a different resolution, and different touchscreen functionality.

While the Gemini FHD monitor has the same screen size as its sister monitor, it doesn’t have the same resolution, offering 1080p rather than the 4K resolution of the Gemini UHD. The Gemini UHD, however, does not have the touchscreen functionality that the FHD offers. And while both the FHD and UHD models offer a variety of ports, they vary in the types of ports offered.

Besides those differences in features, both the UHD and FHD versions of the Gemini portable monitor offer  full-metal bodies, dual speakers, and a built-in kickstand and battery (capable of delivering 5 hours of battery life.)

And while remote workers (and their employers) may be pleased with the productivity possibilities of the Gemini monitors, gamers may be especially intrigued by the potential they offer for an enhanced mobile gaming experience; as each of the monitors allow users to play mobile games on a much larger screen, and more importantly, provide support for other gaming platforms such as Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Kickstarter for the Taihe Gemini line of laptops has already been wildly successful, far exceeding its initial goal of $10,000. With over 2,000 backers so far, the Kickstarter has already raised over $600,000 and there are still 26 days left in the campaign. As always, however, be sure to exercise caution when participating in any crowdfunding campaign.

The current prices for the Gemini FHD and UHD monitors are $159 and $269, respectively.

The monitors are scheduled to ship by May 2019.

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