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Researchers combat uncanny valley in animations by applying neural network

Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control
The term “uncanny valley” refers to that feeling of discomfort that arises when viewing things like robotic faces and animations that are not quite right. The closer something is to being lifelike without quite being perfect, the more uncomfortable the experience.

The technology industry has been working diligently at solving the problem of the uncanny valley for years now, without complete success. One recent effort in the field of animation aims to bring more natural motion via neural network technology, TechCrunch reports.

The research is being conducted jointly by the University of Edinburgh and Method Studios and it focuses on replacing huge libraries of custom animations with more fluid animations created by a machine learning algorithm. The idea is that the algorithm can generate motion more smoothly using a phase function that avoids things like causing an animated figure to take a step when it’s actually in the process of jumping.

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According to the researchers, “Since our method is data-driven, the character doesn’t simply play back a jump animation, it adjusts its movements continuously based on the height of the obstacle.” While the algorithm is not yet ready for use in games and other applications, it is a promising approach for creating more intelligent animation processes.

The details of how the system achieves smooth and more natural human motion, and how it might be applied to any character, are quite technical. However, the concept is straightforward: Use an intelligent system that can generate any animated motion on demand rather than selecting from pre-generated animations that might not perfect fit the specific environment and situation.

You can learn more about the new technology when Jun Saito of Method Studios and some other researchers show off their work at the upcoming Siggraph event in Los Angeles on July 30 through August 3. The presentation’s abstract can be seen here, and the full paper is available with all of the technical details.

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Stardew Valley cheats: all glitches, codes, and secrets
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You might not think a cozy game like Stardew Valley would even need cheats. After all, the entire point of the game is to relax, build up your farm, and make friends with the other townsfolk, right? Sure, but there are also a lot of challenging and time-consuming objectives that have been added over the many years of support. Plus, sometimes people just want to play a game on their own terms. In either case, cheats can help you farm up some fun times, so let's harvest every one there is to enjoy.
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Infinite energy glitch

Every action you take in Stardew Valley costs some energy, so wouldn't it be nice not to have to worry about running out? There's a simple way to do it by exploiting that small step forward your character takes whenever they swing a weapon or tool. If you go into the Spa and swing your weapon against the wall until you clip through it, you can then go out of bounds over to the pool. Once there, put any post down in the water and touch it. After that, you can return back to the bounds of the game. However, the game will be tricked into thinking your character is swimming, and thus, you won't spend energy using weapons!
The Galaxy Sword glitch
If you did it the long way, you could get the Galaxy Sword by taking a Prismatic Shard and holding it between three pillars in the Calico Desert, but who has time for that? Instead, if you purchase the catalog from Pierre's General Store and buy the green wallpaper. Take this into the desert, and if you stand in just the right spot, it will inexplicably function like a Prismatic Shard and spawn the Galaxy Sword for you.
The Junimo Plush
This is purely a secret item, but one most players will never find without help. Secret Note #13 holds the clue to it, but all you really need to do is go to the bush on the northwest corner of Pelican Town on the 28th day of any season. If you right-click on it precisely at noon, you will get the rare plush.
Infinite fishing time glitch

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One of the nifty features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is its ever-changing seasons that are a reflection of the real world. When it's summer in real life, it's summer in Animal Crossing, meaning there are always new things to enjoy as you play. As each month goes by, the selection of fish that appear throughout the game changes, so you'll always want to be aware of the selection for any given month.

Sometimes, certain fish are only available for a few months out of the year, while others appear more frequently. It's also important to consider which hemisphere you're in, as this will impact the fish that appear in your area. For the month of November 2022, New Horizons has a lot of changes with its fish selection, and below, we'll cover everything you need to know about the new additions.

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