Review of the MSI MEGA 180

Quote from the review at Whining Dog:

“The MSI MEGA 180 is an improvement over the original MEGA system but MSI still has work cut out for itself. If you can accept the flawed remote control and bundled software, then the MEGA 180 has all the makings for a good small form factor PC. However, good looks aside, this system ultimately needs further improvements to make it worthy of consideration by the home media enthusiast.”

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Quote from the review at Trusted Reviews:

“Purchasing a pre-built machine like the Encore 3107 saves all the building hassle and Systemax has put together a quality package at a very good price. The MEGA 180 barebone chassis comes with an nForce2 based motherboard and Systemax has fitted a 2800+ AMD Athlon XP processor and 512MB of PC3200 DDR SDRAM to the mix. This makes it a reasonable spec PC without driving up the price too much.”

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