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Samsung’s new gaming monitors are ahead of the curve, literally

Samsung has unveiled two displays at IFA 2016 that break new ground for their category. The CFG70 and the CF791 are the first curved gaming monitors to utilize quantum dots.

The CFG70 and the CF791 are able to produce vivid colors running the gamut of a 125-percent sRGB spectrum. This should recommend them to gaming audiences, as its means that they can output details in particularly dark and particularly light environments that other monitors might miss.

The CFG70 boasts an immersive design that Samsung has dubbed the “super arena.” This refers to its curvature radius of 1,800 millimeters.

The display also boasts a rapid refresh rate of up to 144Hz, and an impressive 1 millisecond moving picture response time — a first for a curved monitor. The CFG70 supports Samsung’s Gaming UX OSD interface, which allows for quick adjustments to settings using an on-screen dashboard and hot keys located on the front and the back of the display itself.

Meanwhile, the CF791 is the most aggressively curved gaming monitor currently available, with a curvature radius of 1,500 millimeters. Its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio is paired with a boundless design that removes all distractions from the player’s periphery, making sure that the gameplay that’s unfolding on-screen is the focus.

Samsung certainly seems to be going all-in on quantum dots — as well as these two gaming monitors, IFA 2016 saw the official unveiling of the company’s new KS9800 SUHD television, which also uses the technology.

Consumers will be able to choose from 24-inch and 27-inch variants of the CFG70, while the 34-inch CF791 is only being offered as a 34-inch display. Both monitors are expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2016 at an unannounced price. Samsung also hasn’t clarified the resolution of either monitor.

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