Samsung Ships Serial ATA II Hard Drives

From the press release:

Samsung offers a complete family of Serial ATA II hard drives featuring an 80GB platter including its new 80GB HD080HJ ($93 estimated street price), 120GB HD120IJ ($120) and 160GB HD160JJ ($150).

Samsung’s new Serial ATA II hard drives support native 3.0GB per second (Gbps) I/O transaction capabilities in addition to Serial ATA Native Command Queuing. The 3.0 Gbps speed doubles the 1.5 Gbps data transfer rate of current Serial ATA hard drives. With an increased transfer rate, the faster the speed of the PC.

At just $130, the HD160JJ is a high-end, affordable and more economical solution for enterprise applications than current SCSI drives. In addition, Samsung’s Serial ATA II drives are perfect for network and RAID systems that use multiple drives simultaneously, as well as for digital video and streaming video systems, such as on-demand movies.

Samsung’s Serial ATA II drives are also terrific for high-end gaming applications. With the super-fast 3.0 Gbps data transfer rate, data can be accessed quicker and easier than ever before, eliminating “hiccups” and creating a smooth and more luxurious gaming environment.

All new Samsung Serial ATA II hard drives feature a 7,200 rpm spindle speed, an 8.9 millisecond average seek time and a 8MB cache buffer. Samsung offers the quietest drives in the industry today utilizing its patented NoiseGuard and SilentSeek cutting-edge technologies.

—  80GB Formatted Capacity Per Disk
—  Native Serial ATA II (3.0Gbps) with Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
—  Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology
—  High Speed Dual Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Based Architecture
—  ATA SMART Compliant
—  ATA Security Mode Feature Set
—  ATA Host Protected Area Feature Set
—  ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature Set
—  ATA 48-bit Address Feature Set
—  ATA Streaming Feature Set(Optional)
—  Staggerd Spin Up support
—  ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature Set
—  Permuted RLL/ECC On-The-Fly Error Correction
—  RoHS-compliant
—  NoiseGuard
—  SilentSeek
—  Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap capable