Sonic Unveils eDVD 4

Designed to work with any authored DVD title, Sonic eDVD 4 enables authors to seamlessly link the video chapters and menu buttons on their DVD title to a wide range of PC-based files, URLs and bonus features, either on-disc or via the Internet. During PC playback, otherwise static DVD titles turn into dynamic experiences, linking to entertainment or business messaging that can be replaced or refreshed as often as the author or content holder desires.

Released in September 2004, eDVD 3 was the first point-and-click application to provide seamless access to on-disc PDFs (portable document format), a wide variety of high-resolution graphic files and unlimited links to the Internet from a standard DVD-Video title. With eDVD 4, Sonic has enhanced eDVD’s already impressive array of features with the ability to link to virtually any type of PC file including:

— Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

— High Definition video and audio files

— MP3 files

— Macromedia Flash files

— Word and Excel documents

— Software executables such as games or other specialized computer applications

eDVD 4 also features an unlimited license to include the InterActual(R) Player application on replicated DVDs as well as the ability for authors to choose from ten player skins and customize the eDVD player’s boot-up splash screen.

“eDVD is the only application of its kind that allows DVD authors to exceed the interactive limits of the DVD specification while maintaining robust compatibility with DVD set-top players and providing a uniform cross-platform playback experience on both Macintosh and Windows-based PCs,” said Scott Epstein, Sonic’s eDVD product manager. “With eDVD 4, professional title authors can create stunning internet and ROM-enhanced titles quickly and affordably.”

Sonic eDVD 4 will be available in June 2005 from Sonic-authorized resellers as well as online at