Telecommuting in Style

Quote from the article:

“Leading the pack of cutting-edge home office desks is the Biomorph line from I.D/Design ( Biomorphs are built around a concept the company calls the “center of power.” Cheesily named but elegantly executed, the idea is that the desk curves organically around the user, situating everything radially within arm’s reach. The keyboard and monitor surfaces crank to the ideal height for all but the most hulking or diminutive user. Some models even allow users to adjust from sitting to standing modes. Space-age beautiful and ergonomically intelligent, the Biomorph designs have shown up in industrial design exhibitions and museum shows. Prices range from a $695 basic desk to over $4,000 for a fully accessorized, “my-workstation-has-more-knobs-and-doodads-than-your workstation” model. “

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