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TPCast Business Edition lets up to 6 people use wireless VR in one room

TP Cast Vive wireless adapter
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
In November 2016, TPCast unveiled an add-on for the HTC Vive headset that would allow users to enjoy virtual reality without being shackled to their computer. Now, the company has announced plans for a Business Edition variant, which is intended to help enterprises offer VR experiences to the public.

The TPCast Business Edition allows up to six headsets to operate wirelessly in one area without interference, according to a report from RoadtoVR. However, one transmitter and one receiver is required per user, rather than having a single base station and a receiver attached to each headset.

The Business Edition will be made available in bundles of four and six units, allowing enterprises to jump-start their VR capabilities (assuming that they have already invested in four or six headsets.) The device will come with a two-year warranty as opposed to the single year of protection applied to the consumer edition, which makes a lot of sense given its purpose.

It’s no secret that VR is prohibitively expensive for a majority of users, as it requires not only a headset, but capable hardware. However, that audience may still want to try out the technology on special occasions, so a VR arcade could potentially be a very lucrative undertaking.

The TPCast Business Edition looks set to eliminate one of the biggest impracticalities of establishing this kind of business. The company could stand to reap major dividends if it can help provide the infrastructure that makes VR arcades a reality, which would no doubt help the fortunes of the VR industry as a whole.

TPCast hasn’t released pricing information for the Business Edition, but for comparison the consumer edition — which is scheduled to launch in the United States later this year — costs $250 for a single unit. The company expects to launch the Business Edition before the end of 2017.

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