Transcend’s newest USB drive has more space than your phone, or tablet

transcends newest usb drive has more space than your phone or tablet transcendusb2

Transcend, the flash drive and SSD drive manufacturer, has designed a series of new USB flash drives with up to 256GB in capacity. The new line is made up of the 256GB JetFlash 780, 128GB JetFlash 810, JetFlash 700/730 and JetFlash 790/790W..

The JetFlash 780 is the headliner. It not only packs 256 gigabytes of storage, but it supports read speeds up to 210 megabytes per second and write speeds of up to 140MB/s. That makes it one of the quickest flash drives in existence, though it’s a bit slower than Samsung’s tiny Portable SSD T1.

If you’re looking for a flash drive with more durability, you might want to consider the JetFlash 810. This model is designed to resist shock, dust and water damage. Its USB compatible and has a maximum storage capacity of 128GB, which still isn’t too shabby.

The JetFlash 700/730 is the product you want if you desire a simple, efficient USB drive. This USB 3.0 drives has read speeds up to 90MB/s and write speeds of 40MB/s. That’s not quick, but it’ll get the job done, and the drive still offers capacities as high as 128GB.

Finally, the JetFlash 790K/790W have retractable designs to protect the drives and the content inside. They have read speeds of 90MB/s and write speeds of 40MB/s, and they come with storage ranging between 8GB to 128GB for your needs.

Pricing varies, but is retailing the 256GB JetFlash 780 for $120 on its website. That works out to about 48 cents per gigabyte, which is competitive with the pricing of many internal solid state drives.

If you’re looking for a new USB drive, these options from Transcend are likely to be very attractive. Flash drives with capacities this high are still relatively rare. With that said, though, there are some USB 3.0 options from Corsair and PNY for less than $100. They offer similar capacity, but aren’t as quick as Transcend’s new JetFlash 780.