An unofficial app will soon let you stream PS4 games to your PC

PlayStation 4 PS4 20th Anniversary detail macro
Earlier this year Microsoft introduced functionality that allows players to stream Xbox One games to their PC. Now, it seems that an independent developer is set to provide a similar tool for the PlayStation 4.

The developer, who goes by the name of Twisted, became known to PlayStation fans after he modified the official app that offered remote play between the PlayStation 4 and certain Sony smartphones to work with any device running Android. His current project builds on that effort, substituting the smartphone for a PC.

While this tool is thoroughly unofficial, it will likely carry a price tag of $10 when it sees release. Twisted maintains that these funds will help pay for his living expenses as he continues development, as stability improvements and other tweaks will likely be required. A dev has to eat, after all.

However, it remains to be seen whether Sony will allow for Twisted to distribute his work. The idea of a third party application offering this sort of functionality is already shaky ground to be treading upon, and charging for the privilege would seem to be a major red flag from a corporate outlook. Charging for the app could further complicate matters, particularly if it includes code from a previous version of Sony’s own software.

Sony hasn’t announced any plans to offer its own PC streaming tool, likely because such usage has typically been used as a selling point for its handheld devices. Both its smartphones and the PlayStation Vita make full use of their PlayStation 4 remote play potential in marketing materials.

Earlier in the week, Twisted had shared plans to release the remote play tool today, but it seems that there is still some last-minute work to be done before the project is ready to release. This morning a post from his Twitter account read, “I doubt I’ll be done today but trying my best.”

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