Velocity Micro Unveils Dual-Core PCs

Available in late Q2 of this year, Velocity Micro will offer several new dual core based DCX systems with Velocity Micro’s exclusive LiquiCool fluid cooling system (featuring an innovative fluid cooling system that is completely sealed and maintenance-free for the life of the PC), including the gamers’ dream rig Raptor DCX, the multimedia ProMagix DCX, and the digital media professional workstation ProMagix W140 DCX. Velocity Micro will ship systems at the processor’s default 3.2GHz, as well as systems performance tuned by the company with the addition of liquid cooling to run at 3.6GHz, 3.8GHz, and 4.0GHz.

“Working closely with Intel’s processor teams, Velocity Micro has been a part of the process for some time,” says Randy Copeland, Velocity Micro president and founder. “We tested early versions of the Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 840 processor and were amazed by its capabilities, particularly when matched with our liquid cooling solution. As one of the few initial product launch partners for this technology, we are very excited to offer our customers this powerful new processor. It’s perfectly suited for power users who run several applications on their computer simultaneously, and as more games are coded to utilize the multithreading capabilities of this technology, gamers will reach new levels of immersive play.”

Pricing and availability were not mentioned.