VisionTek Radeon X800Pro Review

Quote from the review at HardOCP:

“There is no question about it; VisionTek is selling a solid gaming card with a great amount of enthusiast potential. The MSRP is $399 USD. The MSRP of the GeForce 6800 Ultra is $499. The cards stack up to be gaming equals when you view the big picture. You can do the math on the pricing levels. Also you will want to consider that VisionTek is a USA-based company that has toll-free phone support during normal business hours, and they back their cards with a lifetime warranty that we have seen them stand behind.

We have been very strong supporters of buying ATI brand boxed video cards, but now that we have seen VisionTek weather a choppy business climate over the last year and come out swinging, they are once again turning our heads. If warranty and support are an issue for you when you buy a video card, the VisionTek X800Pro is looking to possibly become the de facto standard for ATI cards in the USA.”

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