Ximeta NetDisk 80GB External Drive Review

Quote from the review at Modthebox.com:

“In order to gain access to the NetDisk 80GB External Drive, you first register the NetDisk on the network by entering in the NetDisk Name, NetDisk ID and NetDisk Write Key. Both the NetDisk ID and NetDisk Write Key are located on the bottom of the unit and are unique to each NetDisk product. Each workstation on the network will require the installation of the NetDisk Administrator software in order to have access to the NetDisk unit on the network. The administrator is the only one that can grant read and write access to the drive and users are restricted to only one person writing to the drive at one time. For administrators who want to add a level of redundancy; the NetDisk Administrator software offers both Mirroring and Aggregation features. Mirroring continuously creates and saves a copy of data in real time onto a second NetDisk when ever data is written to the first NetDisk. Aggregation allows multiple NetDisk units to be recognized as one large drive.”

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