Zalman ZM-RSSC USB Sound Card Review

Quote from the review at PimpRig:

“While I was reviewing the Zalman headphones, I came across a new product that Zalman was manufacturing to accommodate their headphones, the Zalman External 5.1ch Sound Card. I thought that this would be perfect to use with my laptop when I’m on the road. As fate would have it, PCToy Land had offered one to PimpRig for review and after begging and pleading with the powers that be, I agreed to public forum humiliation by the other staff members and my first born. Honestly, I just got lucky and was selected to perform this review. Here it is for your reading pleasure.

The thought that someone could just plug in a USB cord to receive quality sound is a great idea; not everyone can just pop open a computer case and install a sound card. If it’s as easy as this who, who would want to? I know some people are just afraid or don’t have the skills to do install hardware, and with USB peripherals as the most common Plug & Play interface it is a no-brainer to perform an upgrade. With the ability to chain up to 127 USB devices, the possibilities are endless for what we can use them for. For today though, I will just stick with a USB sound card.”

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