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55-inch Vizio M-Series QLED 4K TV down to $550 for 4th of July

Millions of shades of colors aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? Billions of shades of colors. That’s what you get in the Vizio M-Series 4K TV, with Quantum Color technology, also known as QLED. This new tech arrives with the 55-inch Vizio M-Series 4K TV, which is not only the perfect size for a living room, but carries some of the most awesomely vivid images we’ve ever seen, now available for $550 at Amazon. That’s $250 off, or more than 30% savings.

We’re seeing a good number of great TVs in these 4th of July sales, but few offer as amazing pictures at such an affordable price as the Vizio M-Series QLED 4K TV at Amazon. For those who don’t know QLED, It’s the next-generation TV you’ve been waiting for. Compared to your old 1080p HD TV, QLED allows quadruple the resolution. It has a Quantum Dot LED-backlit LCD panel, which translates to some of the brightest, best, contrast-ready viewing picture money can buy. The Q adds what’s called a quantum dot to the LED. Ranging between 2 and 10 nanometers in diameter, each of these space-age sounding dots produces different colors, according to their size. This allows them to create incredibly precise colors, and more saturated images than anything on the spectrum of a normal old LED. In simplest terms: Your TV has way more and exact colors to work with, so you get a brighter, better picture.

There’s more. This 55-inch screen has 4K resolution and 12 local dimming zones that automatically adjust the backlights to the shades and contrasts of what appears on the screen. This makes it an absolute dream for sports fans and gamers. Combine that with its 120 frames per second refresh rate, you’re getting incredible value on a TV this size, especially at the price. Add to that DTS Studio Sound II and you’ve got an all-around entertainment experience that will leave no corner of your viewing area without well-balanced sound. Plus, it’s compatible with the most common virtual assistants — Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant — giving you the ultimate control, without ever having to push even a button. The SmartCast smart software makes web browsing and app navigation a cinch.

If you’re looking for an affordable QLED TV, you can the 55-inch Vizio M-Series 4K TV is an amazing way to jump into the next generation of viewing experience, now only $550 at Amazon.

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