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Beats Studio 3 Wireless noise-canceling headphones have never been cheaper


While traveling has slowed down some over the past few months, it doesn’t mean that we audiophiles aren’t still on the go. And Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones — now down to $200 (from $350) at Verizon — make for a great sonic companion.

There was a time where Apple’s Beats were considered more for show than for sound, but these headphones prove that time is in the past. In terms of functionality, connectivity, and pure sound: The Beats Studio 3 headphones rule.

Since we made such a big deal about the look, let’s talk about it. They’re plastic, sure, but it’s a soft, pliable plastic that’s more matte than glossy (easier to keep smudges off of). We love how they feel, too. Like their noise-canceling competitors, the comfy ear cups are soft and cushiony, letting you wear them for a long time without too much bother. And even better: They’re built to give your head a physical break in terms of their hold (no more eagle-tight grip). We like how they fold up into a neat little package, too, and are easy to toss in a bag.

Its tech includes Apple’s W1 wireless chip (the same one found inside the AirPods). As long as your iPhone, MacBook or iPad are in range, all that’s required is to flip the “on” switch for them to pair seamlessly. Also, the movement between your music, incoming calls and Siri activation is really smooth with little to no tripping.  Finally, the W1 is also a massive battery booster. Beats claims that these can go 22 hours on a single charge (without the noise cancellation feature engaged).

But noise-canceling is a huge draw to these earphones, and the Studio 3 has paid special attention to your needs here. Apple has applied its Pure ANC technology inside those cloud-like ear cups to block out any ambient noise. At the same time, they keep the noises you want to hear (your music, your calls) crystal clear, without the faint buzz or distortion we’ve noticed in other headphones.

Ultimately, though, what you’re buying Beats for is the, well, beats. These carry bass like no other headphones (and not at the expense of your music’s other elements, either). Boosted by real–time audio calibration, these headphones give you sound the way it was meant to be heard, and felt.

Still not convinced that $200 is a steal for these headphones? Check out the rest of the headphone deals available now and compare and contrast. But keep in mind, we’ve never seen Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones at a price this low.

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