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BLUETTI at CES 2023: Back in black with whole-home power backup solutions

Bluetti at CES 2023
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Last year, at CES 2022, BLUETTI regaled everyone in attendance with some fantastic announcements, introducing the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator in the NA300 and B480, but also with “The Apex,” the long-awaited AC500 portable power station. A pioneer in the clean energy storage industry, and purveyor of excellent portable power solutions, BLUETTI is back at it again this year. Only this time, the company aims to redefine home energy with several innovative offerings, namely through modular energy storage solutions that can sustain an entire household. Of course, this is on top of BLUETTI’s existing successes and its diverse range of energy storage and portable power solutions. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s in store for us this go-round.

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Modular energy storage for the entire home: EP900 and B500

Bluetti EP900 display in the background
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Built to deliver all-in-one energy storage for the whole home, connecting directly to any solar system with a 9-kilowatt max solar input, and connecting to any household AC wiring, the EP900 and B500 combo features a lot of power packed into a small form factor. They feature a 9-kilowatt pure sine wave output with a fully modular and expandable capacity — allowing you to meet your family’s power needs precisely. Starting at 9 kilowatt-hours with a single B500 LFP battery you can extend that up to 39.6 kilowatt-hours with 16 batteries. What’s the significance? The EP900 can keep an entire house running during an outage, with minimal concessions made, for up to several days.

By way of comparison, most residential power systems lack inverters or MPPT support for solar solutions, but the EP900 does not. It has a built-in hybrid inverter, capable of providing mains power at 120 volts or 240 volts of AC power, and it can be topped up with mains power when it needs to charge. It also acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that switches near-instantly to power, in 10 milliseconds, after the power grid fails or your main energy source becomes unavailable. That means there’s no data loss if you’re working or using electronics, and emergency or life-critical equipment will experience no service interruptions. All the while, the BLUETTI mobile app allows real-time monitoring, settings adjustments, and updates for what’s going on with your power system. The EP900 and B500 system is easy to install in any home, both indoors and out. Its modular flexibility also means you can adjust the system anytime by adding or removing components. If you realize you need more power during an outage you can add an extra battery or two later.

The EP900 is BLUETTI’s newest whole-home power system and is set to launch in 2023 in the U.S..

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Modular energy storage for any occasion: AC500 and B300S

Bluetti AC500 portable power station
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Originally featured on Indiegogo, this marvelous combo broke BLUETTI records — the campaign raised $11 million across more than 4,000 backers. The AC500 is a 16-outlet solar generator that delivers 5 kilowatts of pure sine wave power, enough to handle anything from home blackouts to extended camping trips out in the wilds. You can charge the system via 8-kilowatt AC and solar dual inputs, and when paired with one to six B300S LFP batteries you can extend the maximum capacity up to 18,432 watt-hours. But that’s on top of an already powerful system, at 3,072 watt-hours. The AC500 plus a single B300S battery will last for up to one full day — at 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, and up to two days with two batteries, four days with four, and six days with six.

It also offers pass-through charging, mobile app connectivity, UPS support, and much more. But split-phase availability means that when two AC500 sets are connected in a series, the system provides a 240-volt to 10,000-watt output, plenty to sustain even heavy-duty appliances in an outage. You can keep your refrigerator running, cook some food, and pretty much do whatever you need to until the power is back on. Pair it with solar panels, and you can continue charging the system even when there’s no electricity to be had from the grid.

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BLUETTI’s existing energy products: What you need, when you need it

While these announcements are certainly innovative and exciting, we can’t forget that BLUETTI already offers a host of exceptional power solutions, from the portable generators in the EB series, to the AX200MAX, AC200P, EP500, and EP500Pro that make up its earlier, yet just as capable energy greats. In BLUETTI’s arsenal alone, people have the option to find precisely the power solution they need to meet just about any scenario. Traveling in an RV or van? Portable power solutions pair nicely with solar panels for modular, anywhere-use electricity. Worried about losing power during a hurricane or other natural event? Stock up on expandable power solutions with UPS support to keep your home, and family, safe. It’s all here, all reasonable, and all reliable.

If there’s something we’ve learned from BLUETTI’s CES appearance last year, and this year, it’s that BLUETTI’s R&D team will continue pushing the boundaries of what portable and modular power can deliver — maybe even to the point where no one will be concerned about emergent energy issues.

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